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Hi My name is Serena also known as "Reenybeanies" I became a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator because I enjoy Stamping and Crafting. I love being part of a company that inspires my creativity with exclusive stamps and accessories! I Joined Stampin'Up! in 2004 as a Club member I loved it so much spending time with new friends just sitting and talking and of course learning new and exciting techniques so I decided to become a demonstrator so that I could teach people the exciting world of Rubber Stamps. Where you can create Cards, Scrapbook Pages, Home Decor, Books, and More! its just not a craft its a time to spend a little time on you. I also wanted the versatility of having my own home business. I love being part of a company that allows me to plan my business around my schedule. If you want more information about Stampin’ Up!’s exciting products, or about Stampin’ Up!’s unique business opportunity, please contact me either through email or by phone. I can't wait to talk to you and share some fun and exciting projects.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stampin' Up! Interactive

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Stampin' Up! Interactive - Products come to life in the holiday catalogue thanks to a fun interactive app that's been introduced by Stampin' Up! 
To get started:

  • Have you got your seasonal catalogue yet? You'll need it to work this app, so contact me today.

  • Go to the App Store or Google Play and download and install the FREE Layar app to your smartphone or tablet.

  • Scan images that are tagged with the Stampin’ Up! Interactive icon to unlock videos.

Supported devices:

The Layar app will work on:
  • iPhone 3GS and higher and iPad 2 and higher; requires iOS 5.1 or higher
  • Android devices running v2.2 or later

Things to know:

  • Different mobile devices will work differently with the Layar app. Some are faster than others, some will take more steps to load the videos, etc.

    • You need to hold your mobile device far enough from the page that the image is completely in the device’s screen before the video will load.
    • Hold your device over the page until the video loads. Be patient—the video might take a while to load, depending on your device. Stampin Up! just recently reduced the video load time, by replacing the augmented reality videos with shorter versions, so this should help. You can still see the longer full versions of the videos by going to:

    • Most devices will start playing a video automatically, but some will have a play icon that you need to tap to start the video. And some won’t show a play icon but will still require you to tap the screen on your device to start the video. So if a video doesn’t start playing automatically, tap the play icon or screen of your device. (If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy phone, you’ll need to tap the box that appears on the screen to start the video.)
    • If you don’t want to hold your device over the page for the duration of the video, just tap the video and then pull it away from the page—the video will keep playing.

    From the video, you can go directly to the online store so they can buy a product immediately, and you can also share your favorite products on social media.

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