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Hi My name is Serena also known as "Reenybeanies" I became a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator because I enjoy Stamping and Crafting. I love being part of a company that inspires my creativity with exclusive stamps and accessories! I Joined Stampin'Up! in 2004 as a Club member I loved it so much spending time with new friends just sitting and talking and of course learning new and exciting techniques so I decided to become a demonstrator so that I could teach people the exciting world of Rubber Stamps. Where you can create Cards, Scrapbook Pages, Home Decor, Books, and More! its just not a craft its a time to spend a little time on you. I also wanted the versatility of having my own home business. I love being part of a company that allows me to plan my business around my schedule. If you want more information about Stampin’ Up!’s exciting products, or about Stampin’ Up!’s unique business opportunity, please contact me either through email or by phone. I can't wait to talk to you and share some fun and exciting projects.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Color-Matched Printer Values For Stampin'Up!

The following are color-matched values for Stampin' Up! ExclusiveColors. This list includes the nine colors retired in 2005. You canUse these values to color-match scrapbook journaling, to create aCustom sentiment inside of a card, or to create a color-coordinatedElement for a hand-stamped party favor. Remember when printing onVellum that it is best to print in a DARK color, layering your vellumOver a lighter color. When printing on cardstock, you may wish to tryDifferent color combinations to achieve either dramatic or subtleEffects, just as you would with your stamping.For those who don't know how to do this: Open Microsoft Word. TypeDesired text in your selected Stampin' Up! R Font. To change the fontColor, choose FORMAT from the top menu bar. Select FONT, then FONTCOLOR. Select MORE COLORS, and then choose CUSTOM. You will find a place to enter R, G, and B "values" for the color mixing. Print your text on your printer and compare to your cardstock ring to ensure they Match.


Almost Amethyst: R-189 G-189 B-255 OR H-170 S-255 L-222
**Apricot Appeal: R-255 G-184 B-73 OR H-26 S-255 L-164
Barely Banana: R-248 G-250 B-156 OR H-44 S-230 L-203
**Bashful Blue: R-215 G-235 B-255 OR H-149 S-255 L-235
Blush Blossom: R-255 G-226 B-204 OR H-18 S-255 L-230
**Certainly Celery: R-125 G-153 B-63 OR H-56 S-106 L-108
Lavender Lace: R-215 G-215 B-255 OR H-170 S-255 L-235
Mellow Moss: R-111 G-136 B-60 OR H-57 S-100 L-98
Pale Plum: R-215 G-173 B-211 OR H-217 S-88 L-194
Perfect Plum: R-125 G-61 B-119 OR H-217 S-88 L-93
Pretty In Pink: R-250 G-181 B-201 OR H-243 S-223 L-216
Sage Shadow: R-147 G-187 B-115 OR H-66 S-88 L-151


Brilliant Blue: R-46 G-46 B-182 OR H-170 S-152 L-114
Gable Green: R-197 G-254 B-154 OR H-67 S-250 L-204
Glorious Green: R-57 G-155 B-66 OR H-89 S-118 L-106
Green Galore: R-159 G-253 B-89 OR H-67 S-249 L-171
Lovely Lilac: R-170 G-54 B-255 OR H-194 S-255 L-155
Only Orange: R-254 G-103 B-0 OR H-17 S-255 L-127
Orchid Opulence: R-182 G-109 B-255 OR H-191 S-255 L-182
Pink Passion: R-255 G-83 B-169 OR H-234 S-255 L-169
**Pixie Pink: R- 255 G-118 B-194 OR H-232 S-255 L-187
Real Red: R-212 G-0 B-0 OR H-0 S-255 L-106
Tempting Turquoise: R-113 G-252 B-255 OR H-129 S-255 L-184
YoYo Yellow: R-251 G-229 B-19 OR H-38 S-247 L-135


Cameo Coral: R-255 G-113 B-143 OR H-246 S-232 L-155
Chocolate Chip:R-66 G-28 B-28 OR H-0 S-101 L-47
Close To Cocoa: R-147 G-97 B-69 OR H-15 S-92 L-108
Creamy Caramel: R-214 G-160 B-88 OR H-24 S-154 L-151
Garden Green: R-57 G-125 B-55 OR H-84 S-99 L-90
More Mustard: R-216 G-175 B-0 OR H-34 S-255 L-108
Not Quite Navy: R-0 G-79 B-118 OR H-142 S-255 L-59
Old Olive: R-149 G-146 B-0 OR H-41 S-255 L-75
Really Rust: R-199 G-77 B-9 OR H-15 S-233 L-104
Ruby Red: R-212 G-29 B-30 OR H-0 S-194 L-121
Summer Sun: R-242 G-204 B-16 OR H-35 S-229 L-129
**Pumpkin Pie: R-232 G-138 B-0 OR H-25 S-255 L-116


**Always Artichoke: R-68 G-79 B-55 OR H-62 S-46 L-67
Ballet Blue: R-97 G-134 B-205 OR H-156 S-132 L-151
Bordering Blue: R-155 G-155 B-168 OR H-170 S-7 L-158
**Bravo Burgundy: R-100 G-15 B-35 OR H-245 S-188 L-58
Brocade Blue: R-135 G-176 B-219 OR H-150 S-137 L-177
**Elegant Eggplant: R-108 G-0 B-77 OR H-255 S-255 L-54
**Handsome Hunter: R-15 G-51 B-23 OR H-94 S-139 L-33
Night of Navy: R-0 G-0 B-75 OR H-170 S-255 L-38
**Regal Rose: R-251 G-129 B-175 OR H-239 S-239 L-190
Rose Red: R-255 G-27 B-130 OR H-236 S-255 L-141
**So Saffron: R-246 G-210 B-127 OR H-29 S-221 L-187
Taken With Teal: R-0 G-156 B-152 OR H-126 S-255 L-78


Going Gray: R-150 G-150 B-150 OR H-170 S-0 L-150
**Sahara Sand: R-149 G-151 B-121 OR H-46 S-32 L-136
Whisper White: R-255 G-255 B-255 OR H-170 S-0 L-255
Very Vanilla: R-249 G-248 B-224 OR H-40 S-172 L-237
Basic Brown: R-66 G-28 B-28 OR H-0 S-101 L-47(using Chocolate Chip)


*Mint Melody: R-189 G-255 B-189 OR H-85 S-255 L-222
*Mauve Mist: R-255 G-194 B-216 OR H-240 S-255 L-255
*Bliss Blue: R-177 G-216 B-255 OR H-149 S-255 L-216
*Eggplant Envy: R-153 G-0 B-153 OR H-213 S-255 L-77
*Forest Foliage: R-22 G-74 B-56 OR H-112 S-138 L-48
*Baroque Burgundy: R-134 G-0 B-67 OR H-234 S-255 L-67
*Rose Romance: R-250 G-90 B-150 OR H-239 S-240 L-170
*Positively Pink: R-255 G-145 B-177 OR H-243 S-255 L-200
*Marvelous Magenta: R-198 G-0 B-170 OR H-219 S-255 L-99

**New Color Available RGB = Red, Green Blue -- HSL = Hue, Saturation, Luminosity

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